Think of a physician who has made you feel really at ease. Now ask yourself: what qualities did this person embody? Presence, patience, compassion? These are the qualities of an open heart.

The Open-Hearted MD is hosted by Dr. Rebekah Byrne joined by guests on a variety of topics exploring open-heartedness in medicine.

Dr. Rebekah Byrne is a family physician with specialization in integrative medicine. She is an Adjunct at Tulane University School of Medicine where she teaches and mentors medical students. She serves as a volunteer physician with the Louisiana Himalaya Association, working to promote health among Tibetan refugees living in India. Dr. Byrne believes that the cultivation of compassion and mindfulness in medicine is the key to creating space for a healing encounter and for finding joy as a doctor. Away from work, you can find her traveling, exploring the natural world, and reading and writing poetry.